Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'08 Mid Winter Blues Bash

Saturday started with me driving about an hour north to DC’s place. (see pic below) once there, it was another 2+ hour drive to The Barn. We got there about 2 pm. I’d guess there were about 6 people there and another 8-10 sleeping in the house and 4 or 5 at Lisa’s house helping finish some plastering in her basement.

One thing you have to understand is, when there’s a party at The Barn, there is always a pre-party party. The people already there had been there since Friday some time and were just rousing from the pre-party party. I don’t go to the pre parties for two reasons;
1 - Getting off work at 5 and driving 3 hours would be too much rushing around.
2 - If I drank this much 2 days in a row... someone would have a funeral.

OK, so let THE party start. DC and I walk into The Barn and some lady says “you guys look like you could use a cherry”. And of course the response was “I haven’t had one of those in years” haha haha. Right, then she shows us the jar...

Yeah, those are cherries in moonshine... (is 2 pm too early to start drinking?) I had one... then another aaaand another. Then a ‘shot’ (it was from a spoon, not a glass) of the shine. Now before you get all excited, this was over about an hour.

Humm Ok... that wasn’t a very long time was it?? Yeah, by 3:00 I was buzzed.

DC had an appointment in the chair so, off he goes and I don’t have anything else to do but drink. You’ll be glad to know I did a good job. Couple times I brought doubles to DC in the tat room (that’s for you tanie) just to make sure he remembered this was a party. Twice (I think...) I drank his for him. Something about not wanting to drink a bunch while in the chair.... whatever.

DC in the chair and the "not finished after 5 hours work in progress".
Let’s see, there was food. Roasted ham, a hash-brown casserole, beef-n-noodles and baked beans. Mmm mmm Good!!!

The band, Slow Boy Trouble played some great bluesie songs and there was dancing... not me. White guy can’t dance, I don’t care what Bubba can do. What is it about watching girls dance together?

Somewhere in the evening some guy handed me a beer. Now, I like beer. Beer and Pizza on Monday night with football or Sunday afternoon with football... beer is great stuff. However, after some number of double shots, moonshine and moonshine soaked cherries, beer is nasty. Had maybe two sips and poured the rest out.

Lots of great people there. Talked for hours, made some new friends... whose names escape me. Watched a gamboling game called ‘Left, Right, Center’. I know I was way to toasted to try playing but it was fun to watch.

I headed to bed at about 2:30 am. Walking from the barn to the house, I remember distinctly wanting to lay in the snow and just sleep. Some how I made it into the house, up stairs and into the bed I had picked earlier.
I started the night with a 1.75 liter of Jack Daniels that was about an inch shy of full and it was gone by 1 am. They say I drank most of it but I’m not convinced. I’m pretty sure about 13 doubles (26 ounces), I know there was at least 6 cherries, and 3 spoons full of shine. Oh, yeah and a round of Dr Mcgillicutty's... (don’t ask, I have no idea what that is besides tasty) DC will have to confirm or deny in comments the amount of alcohol consumed. It’s all a little blurry to me.... at least some of it is. Some things I remember vividly. *wink, wink*

The tattoo room and the band stage.
OK, I know. That one is dark, but imagine flashing red, blue and yellow lights; the band playing and people dancing. k?

This is actually as I was hitting the bed. I tried to drunk text some of you... but alas, there was no digital signal. Save by a lack of technology.

I woke up Sunday morning about 8:30 am. Pissed!! Some fool in the next room had the TV on a volume setting of about 50 and was passed out. Then there was the damn sun. the bed I had picked was right in line with an east facing window. I tried to sleep a little more with my sunglasses on but that damn TV. I just got up and stagger down stairs. Good gawd, I was still drunk.

We left about 9 am. We had to leave then, there was another PGR thing going on in Indy that we had to get to. I got home about 12:30. I was still a little tipsy then.

All in all, it was a great Mid Winter Blues Bash.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha you thought you were gonna get lucky when that chick mentioned cherries!!!!!!!!

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey, was I supposed to get a drunk text? Cuz now I'm mad that I didn't!! *grin*

Pink Icing said...

What on earth am I doing in England?? I should be whooping up in the good ole USA....ready for my next tat....

You sober yet?????

Kat said...

LOL glad you enjoyed, and made it home safe!

Nancy said...

OOO. I don't drink and I'm feeling that hangover with you.

DNR said...

pp - hahaha... ummmm... noooah

LL - you assume it was you... ok, yeah it was. And someone else. Probably a good thing it didn’t go.

tanie - I don’t know! You had a whole week off and didn’t come over. I got a double waiting on ya and If you time it right, I’m sure Brian would be glad to help you out with a new tat.

Kat - it is GOOD to let ones hair down every once and a while. Especially with good people.

Nancy - bummer for you. No hang over here, (knocks on wood) never have.

DC said...

Not sure if I could confirm the amount of Jack you had total......whatever it was it was enough!!
We started the party out real quick since I was headed for the chair. We did 2-3 double shots right off. After I'm immobilized in the tat chair its hard for me to drink. I like to wander too much.
Tat is healing up nicely. 5 hours for an outline is crazy!! Looks like crap with no shading. I think a ride to Green Bay is in order to get some detail on this tat! Saddle up!
So with me being out of site for so long all I know is each time you stopped in you had a bigger grin on than the time before!! So you were doing something right.
In the tat room is where the Dr Mcgillicutty's is kept, and served. A Schnapps I believe. Served cold. Goes down smooth. Leaves your mouth refreshed and minty!
I'm gonna have to start working out if were going to party like this all summer!
A TOAST! To those that protect! Cheers!

DC said...

I just took a better look at the pic you have and thats early on before much ink was put on. Its just the transfer outline.