Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yep, my ass is dragging.

This week and last. Haven’t hardly had time to post e-mail little lone write something. Hell, I haven’t even had time to blog about this past weekend.

Had to prep charts and graphs to present to the executive committee for my company. CEO, Executive VPs and VPs. Those 10 or 12 people in one room, had to be close to 2 million in salaries sitting there.

Should have some time this weekend to actually write some posts and maybe even another story. Submitted the last one, “The Reflection” to a contest and review group... we’ll see what happens.

Let’s see, what else...?

Remember the diet post?? Got a lot of ‘keep it up’ and congrats from you guys... hit 266 yesterday. Yeah, going the wrong way.

PGR will be in the July 4th Parade in Carmel IN this year. It is the second largest parade in the state. Only one bigger is the Indy 500 Parade.

Yes, we have undocumented proof that somewhere between 10 and 15 DOUBLE shots of Jack Daniels will put a man flat on the floor for about 5 hours. hahahaha AND some time the next morning there will still be a body imprint in the carpeting. HAHAHAHA!!!

I use my own photography as my screen saver. Last week I changed from the Memorial Day ride to a ride with ‘The Flag Lady’ or 'Flag Babe' as she became known to us. This ride was pre-blogging but I need to share the story. I think you’ll like it.


Anonymous said...

Flag babe huh?

Must hear that story for sure.

Did you help her leave body prints somewhere? (wink)

Betme said...

Ohhhh executive committee meetings, what joy! Too bad you did not reserve a bit of the JD to ease the pain.

Best of luck on your story submittal!

(and happy VD... hehehe)

Tanie said...

Good luck with the story, keep at it

happy Valentines day

Anonymous said...

We all get busy now and then. Eat more vegetables! (says the gal who needs to lose some weight herself.)

DNR said...

PP - It is a good story. Cemented some life long friendships. I hope to get it up this week.

betme - Hummm... wonder if anyone would notice a flask in my pocket?
And Happy VD to you too!!!

tanie - thanks!! now to wait on the judges...
Happy Valentines Day to you too!!

Janet - Nice to see you again lady!! Tell spot I said HI. I read about him and the t-storm last week. (maybe 2 weeks ago) poor guy.

Jay said...

God bless Jack D.

qofd said...

Um... hey! I gave the other calendar to my dad and he said the Indiana Patriot Guard will cheer his unit up when they deploy! Does that count as "good deeds on your part"?

k said...

So you submitted your story! Too cool! I'm really glad you did that.

You and Dazd are making me feel better about, uh, Creativity in America, here.