Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Technology Addiction

Good grief!! If we ever have a ‘real’ issue... we’re gonna go out of business.

We got some rain last night. ‘Bout an inch in less than an hour. Should have been snow. I mean it IS Februrary 5th damn it! Why the hell does it go UP to 60 frigin degrees over night? I mean come on, the high for today was 60 at mid night. I took the dogs out at 6 am this morning bear foot.

Ahem... anyway...

Being part of a large company, inner company communication is paramount and happens by the minute if not second. E-mail, internet, hell we even have IP phones. So after the rain last night and all of the moisture the past couple days our T1 provider tells us we they have water in the line... WTF!??! So for 4 plus hours this morning, nothing worked. No phones, no order processing, no internet (we have several inter company applications that use the internet and web base databases). Hell we couldn’t even page in our own damn building.

What if somebody cuts the line? Can they fix that in 4 hours? I think we’d be us shit creek.

So.... how was your morning??


Ralphd00d said...

I feel for you. This happens to my office about twice a year, and I live in a desert state.

Anonymous said...

I suppose if the world reverted back to old ways due to no internet then we'd just have to all start having sex on a regular basis again.

B Matthews said...

I remember those mornings. I'd always think they were going to be great, you know, with nothing to do but stand around and talk, but then Nancy would inevitably find some ridiculous thing for us to do and I'd end up immediately wishing that the crap would get fixed just so I wouldn't have to listen to her ask whether or not the plants had been 5S'd yet. Gah! I feel for you.

BetMe said...

Things would slooooowwww waaaaaaaay down. Gosh, I would be forced to individually figure out the SUTA, FUTA, W/H... 401K... and then hand type payroll!

My widdle bwain would expwode!