Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Caption This

OK, I’m gonna try the caption contest thing. I was sent this pic with these captions. HAHAHAHA!!!

Post anything you’d like to add in comments.

1. "Why did I marry her? Why didn't I just put a loaded gun in my mouth? Why God, Why?"

2. "Holy crap, look at that rear end. Somewhere, a semi-truck is missing its 'Oversized Load' sign.

3. "Somewhere, there's two fat girls naked in a hot tub and I'm stuck here listening to her jabber on about health care.

4. "Sheesh, Rush is soo right - She does sound like Nurse Ratchett!"

5. "My God, does that woman never shut up?"

6. "I love music, but never cared for piano legs."


DCsporty (AKA SpeedBump) said...

I should have settled for impeachment. Beware of making deals with Satan!!

DCsporty (AKA SpeedBump) said...

Soooo.... do I win by default???