Thursday, February 07, 2008


We all have our circles. Mine include you bloggers, people I work with, family, Patriot Guard Riders, people at the various committees I work on and Steelers fans.

Some topics come up in one circle that gets talked about so much that when you causally mention it to someone not in that circle they are like “WTF??” and you are confused at their ‘no knowing’.

This happened to me recently. I was telling someone I work with about Steelers, the Steeler Nation and how large and fanatical we all are. I casually mentioned “like the guy that had his funeral viewing in a recliner in Steelers PJs and a TV with the game or highlights running”. HEH!!, he was dumb founded and I had to explain.

So, I got to thinking... maybe there are others that haven’t heard the story like yous guys here in the blogosphere.

July 6, 2005, James Henry Smith lost his battle with prostate cancer. The story was originally posted here at WPXI. CBS and AP News picked it up, here.

Here are the pictures that went around the Steelers fan circles a couple years ago. I’m not planning this kind of party when I pass. BUT...maybe, just maybe...


BetMe said...

The silk jammies are a nice touch!

I understand what you mean about the circles. Many of mine overlap. However, there is a great deal of confusion when I take my blogging circle conversations into my familiy friend circles.

Nancy said...

An interesting choice of viewing...

I wonder what the funeral director thought of it all.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "open casket".

Speaking of which, I assume they had one...and was it big enough for the recliner too?

Anonymous said...

WTF? That's a bit creepy!

Unique though,I give him that much.

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy. I remember seeing this but it's still a shock.

DNR said...

betme - haha Yeah, I’ll bet accidently crossing your circles can lead to big time confusion.

Nancy - heh! Hadn’t thought about what to do with the chair afterwards.... surely it was not buried too...??

PP - not creepy, cool!!!

Janet - Thanks for coming by... I need to get over there and get a Spot fix.