Monday, February 25, 2008

My Brain Scan

Found this at LL's. After this weekend mine should look more like hers. There seems to be some stuff missing in brain this morning. Ugh!

Anyway, I'm working on a post about the 8th Annual Blues Bash but until then, here is my brain.

One side is shades. Riding glasses I assume. That's cool!
The other side is laughing at some smartass comment. That's cool too!
But what is the thing in the middle? Sleeping? With a frown? What is it?
I'm confused. I don't see that emotions anywhere.

Give it a try, let me know how yours turns out


Kat said...

The ones in the middle are you thinking up plots of revenge against the scores of CLUELESS CAGERS out there who tried to kill or maim you during your weekend ride!

Kat said...

oh yeah - my brain scans are up too.

Anonymous said...

Will mail you my results......