Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ergo bibamus

OK... last weekend... the 9th and 10th (I’m so behind...)

Note - For the case of this story ‘shot’ = 2 ozs of Jack Daniel’s. a.k.a. double shot

The wives were going to be out of town, that is, DC’s and mine. We had a meeting early in the evening Saturday with USMC - Families setting up an event for the PGR this summer. Afterewards we were heading to my place to ‘get our drink on’. hahaha

We’re (the IPGR) going to be in a parade this summer, a big one. Carmelfest's July 4th Parade, (this link is to last years events) second largest in the state, second only to the Indy 500 Parade which gets national TV coverage.

Anyway.... where was I...

After the meeting we head back to my place. It was about 1900 when the drinking started. I had planned on us watching a couple movies and just sitting around bullshitting. Well, before the movie started we had 2 shots each and a beer. Mine Guinness his Killian’s Irish Red. The first movie was “V for Vendetta” (we never got to the second). I think I need to watch the movie again, I seem to re-call it was deeper than I could comprehend while inebriated.

While we’re watching the movie I say, “I’ll bet he... “ does or says whatever. And surprise, he does. Which is quickly followed by “I deserve a shot for that”. We head in to the kitchen and down go a couple more.

Somewhere around midnight DC headed for the bathroom... comes back. *groan* (hahaha) he no sooner sits down and he’s up again heading at a jog back to the thrown room. After his 3rd trip, I hit the kitchen for some food. My younget son was watching the movie off an on with us and was in the kitchen with me when we hear. “hack... gag” *splashity, splash, splash*.


Of course the kid has to ask, “Is he ok?” HAHAHA I assured him, DC would be fine. Might be tomorrow some time before he is ‘ok’ but he will be... eventually. At which point he crawls out of the bathroom, about 10 feet into the dinning room and flops over onto his back. “AAaaarrrggghhhh, I’m done...”

That was the last thing he said. About 30 minutes later I threw a blanked on him and went to bed. When I got up about 0930 there was still a dent in the carpeting where he had laid most of the night. That cracked my ass up so bad, I was laughing out so loud I was afraid I was going to wake everyone up!!

I went to bed about 0100, DC said he went up to the spare bedroom about 0530. We learned that evening that somewhere between 10 and 15 double shots of Jack Daniels and 3 beers will put a man (at least one of us) flat on his ass!!!


What is "Ergo bibamus", you ask. Latin, for "Therefore, let us drink."


DCsporty (AKA SpeedBump) said...

All I have to say is......I ended up right where I intended to be..... all fu#ked up!!!!
Mission accomplished! (safely)

k said...

Congrats on the parade! That's going to be an awesome sight.

Of course, I've no doubt you'll supply us with most excellent pix AND stories of The Event. ;')