Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fluffy White Sheep and A Furry Tan Bunny

Anybody out there analyze dreams?

This one woke me up laughing.

I’m watching my friends the sheep. (I know, I know... we’re off to a great start aren’t we?) They are being led across a pasture by one sheep that is actually an alien. He was leading them to a cliff with the intention of killing them. I could see this and knew it to be true but could not communicate with them to tell them so.

Another friend, a tan rabbit, found out the truth and was running through the stampeding sheep trying to tell them to stop. He’s yelling, “He’s trying to kill you!!”, “STOP!!!”, “Turn around!!”, “Can’t you hear me?!?”. All the while he is getting bumped and rolled under the hooves of the sheep. He finally makes his way to the front of the heard and starts yelling at the alien sheep. He stops and picks the bunny up holding him under his front legs and is laughing, evilly, at his success. All of the sheep are running by and plummeting to their deaths behind him.

The bunny is swinging violently trying to punch the alien sheep. The sheep laughs “So, what are you going to do now?!?”. All of a sudden the bunny swings up his back legs and he kicks the alien in the eyes. The bunny kicks the shit out of the alien and scratches his eyes out. The alien screams and drops the bunny and in the process about half of the heard turn back

Then I woke up.

My heart was pounding like it was real and tragic. But as soon as I was fully awake I started laughing.


Kat said...


You know, I could almost make a bible lesson outta that dream. :)

Kat said...
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Dazd said...

Sounds as if you know of something where everyone is being led astray. Yet one person alone makes a difference by daring to be David vs Goliath.

Probably a baaaaaaad interpretation but I do what I can.

Kat said...

is someone trying to pull the wool over yer eyes? ;)

Merelyme said...

uuummm...i think i am gonna hide under my covers now.

Freddie said...

Mexican before bed?

I'm laughing too. Thanks!

Tanie said...

Ah ha, as a TANie and former Playboy Bunny it was probably me invading your dream to wake you up to say 'don't eat pickles before bedtime'.........
Try a biscuit and hot milk tonight and see what you remember in the morning.......

DNR said...

Kat - huh? I’d like to hear that one. And what verse(s) would/could aply??

Dazd - Ya know... that almost fits.

Kat - BAAAaaahhhhh

merelyme - aaahhh, it wasn’t that scary. It was funny!

tanie - “..as a TANie and former Playboy Bunny it was probably me invading your dream...” I’m gonna stop right there and think about that... huummmmm mmmm mmmmm