Monday, January 14, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend... (I may actually get this written and posted before Thursday this week! LOL!!)

Friday night I got to see “National Treasure”... If you go, wait for a matinee. The first one was defiantly the better one. Might even wait for the DVD. And what’s up with Nicholas Cage’s hair???

Saturday I got to sleep in... Wow, not in months have I slept till 10:30. It was great!! Took the missus to breakfast and sent her off to do her SAR thing. I went home and piddled around a little.

Left the house about noon to look at cars. Got 105k miles on the LS and it would be nice to have something that gets a little better gas mileage. The LS gets 15 mpg and uses premium fuel only, kinda steep these days.

Started looking at Mazda 3’s. I like the look and I think it will feed my need for speed. Haha, The problem is I just need to make more money. When I bought the LS I was eyeing up the Infiniti G35 Coupe, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend. The sucky part is they still are. 25k is more than I’m looking to spend right now.

Got back home about 3 and decided I needed to return SpeedBumps sweatshirt. Last weekend he lent me a Colts *gag* sweatshirt to wear in the rain. I had to get that thing back before it got koodies all over my other clothes. Yuck!!!

Hung out there for an hour or so and got a patch or two sewn onto the vest. Rode home about 8 pm. Man, did it get cold when the sun went down. Guessing at 25° F, and no I didn’t have my windshield. It was GREAT!!

Sunday, just lazed around and watched football. - Go GB!!!

Besides going by way too fast, it was a good one. How about yours??


CavMom said...

The Chargers won! So, it was a fantastic weekend! Sorry to hear that you were forced to wear a Colts sweatshirt.

I also managed to finish scraping off the last of the pink wallpaper from my bathroom and will paint it a decent shade (yet to be determined, but NOT pink)sometime this week.

Kat said...

that's so funny...earlier this week, someone here said that the second one was "as good as" or better than the first, lol! I just adored the first National Treasure, but usually end up getting movies on dvd anyway cuz i never have time for em.