Thursday, January 03, 2008

... and Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program.

Happy (belated) New Year everyone!!!

I do hope it was a good holiday for all of you and that this New Year exceeds you wildest dreams.


From the last couple posts you can see we made an unexpected trip to Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh, this Christmas. It was a beautiful service and yet simple, as Gary wanted it.

The PGR stood in the rain and cold to honor the service and sacrifice Gary, a Vietnam era Veteran, had made. It was humbling to be on the family side of a flag line. I pray it never happens again. I’d so much rather be standing in the rain than be in the funeral home.

My sincerest thanks to the Pennsylvania patriot Guard Riders. Honor and respect. They made a great impression on the family. Thanks again ladies and gentlemen.


We did New Years night with some friends again. And we met some new ones. Shot pool, played Trivial Pursuit, drank some and ate (grazed a huge buffet) all night. We were having such a good time we almost missed the mid-night ball drop. Turned the TV on about 3 minutes till midnight. Toasted the new year and went back to our games. We got home about 3 am.

Like last year, here, I had planned on going to the ‘Hangover Ride”. Even had a couple other friends promise to go. I was up at 8 am. It was about 25° outside and it had snowed. My street was wet but not icy so I decided I was going. Swept the dive and suited up.

Brrrriiinnggggg my cell rings... one buddy cancels. He lives about 50 miles north so it was no real big surprise. Up there, they got a couple inches of snow.

I’m about 30 seconds from swinging my leg over the bike and heading out when... brriinnng the other buddy calls. He is driving home (I didn’t ask for details, figured he had a GOOD time) and the roads are too bad, he not going. Damn-it!! I jumped in the car and went out to the main road. Fuck-it!!! There is that crusty, frozen slush-ice every where!! The car is fish tailing and the tires loose traction too many times to count before I can get turned around and back home.

Needless to say, I stayed home too this year. The news reported ‘a couple hundred’ made the ride, sure wish I could have gone. Maybe next year.


Yesterday, Indiana sent 3,400 National guard troops off to the war on terror. The ceremony was for family and held in the Hoosier Dome in downtown Indianapolis. The Governors office allowed 60 Indiana Patriot Guard Riders and to attend and I was one. We held a flag line across the back of the troops seating area.

I shook the hand of many a young man and had to correct them when they stopped to thank me for being there. It was my honor. My thanks was to and for them. Quite an amazing group of men and women. From 18 to 52 years of age.

It was stated there, yesterday, that all of these troops have re-enlisted... to a man or woman or newly enlisted. All of them have chosen to stay in the service or joined, knowing they would be going to Iraq.

God Bless the men and women of the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team - Nighthawk. Be safe, I will be there for your welcome home. It truly will be my honor.

There are some pictures and videos here and here.

Better get to work, only 2 days this week... I think I can make it...

PS: I got a Daily Latin calendar this year. I plan to post some of the more catchy or unique phrases. I still have some Zen to post from last year too.

Felix sit annus novus!
fay-leek seet ahn-noos naw-oos

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the weather sure can bring plans to a screeching halt. I'm glad you didn't go.

Let's hope '08 is a better year!

Dazd said...

Thank you brother for sending off these fine troops. And for sending my buddy Shaw off to Iraq too. I wanted to be there but didn't think I could do the whole 2 hour standing ordeal.

If it had been warmer, I woulda been outside showing my support!

sue said...

Came by way of Jan...

So sorry to hear about your father-in-law. It sounds as though it was a very lovely service.

Hope you have a good 2008. Great site.

DNR said...

Janet - Still, I wish I could have gone...
’08 is gonna be great, I can feel it.

Dazd - It was my honor. Wish I would have known about Shaw, we would have tried to track him down and get a departing pic for ya. Dawned on the Missus and I while we were there that 2 of Nick’s friends were deploying then and there. If we would have thought about it we could have found them too. But 2 out or 3,400 is like a needle in a hay-stack.

Sue - Welcome!! Jan is great!!
Please come back by anytime!!

k said...

I think 2008 is gonna be a great one, too. It's already opening up. It feels good, this one.

You have some highly estimable visitors there, DNR. Sue is priceless, and you already KNOW Jan is.

Oh, they gonna wrap you up in a cozy warm blanket of love, and you won't be able to wiggle out no matter what you do.

Yup. You're stuck. Deal with it.