Thursday, January 24, 2008

MIA and Stuff

Heading to Kansas City for 4 days worth of meetings. Should be fun, nothing but lighting and lighting geeks for 4 days. AND I get to stay at a Westin AND the company pays for the whole thing. I’m gonna gain 10 pounds this weekend... (hope the hotel is stocked up on Jack...)
I have a laptop so hopefully I can still post and comment.

I have an issue with a new BK ‘dollar menu’ commercial. I hope to use the plane time to tell you about it... be looking for it.

I’m so bummed!!! Temps in the low 40s around here and I won’t be able to ride!! Hell after last week I could have gone in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. HAHAHA!!

Also! I am a finalist in Sparrows Hiaku contest!!!! PLEASE visit Sparrows blog (found in my blog roll) and vote for me!

See ya!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!Have fun!Get laid!

Be careful out there.A bunch of nuts are on the loose!