Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weekend Catch-Up

The forecast for this past weekend was mid 50s Saturday and rain, then low 60s Sunday with scattered showers.


Saturday was pretty much right on. Stayed home watched some TV. Got a huge designer-junk-food-platter-thing for the Steelers game. Kalmara (sp?) Olives, roasted peppers, green Greek olives, humus, some fancy cheese and onion dip, a cheese ball plus various chips, crackers and pretzels. Good eating.

The Steelers lost, bums.

Sunday... hoping that the weather folks would be as right Sunday as they were Saturday, SpeedBump and I made plans to ride. I left the house at about 8 and went north to his place. It rained most of the day Sunday but it was a misting-drizzling kind of rain. Just enough to keep the roads wet. And fog your glasses if you stopped for more that 5 seconds. Makes traffic lights challenging.

We made a deal with a search and rescue team to hide for some dogs. So ultimately we were heading for the west side of Indy. Eagle Creek Park.

From SB’s house we went... north. Eagle Creek from my house is west-south-west. The idea was to skirt WAY around Indianapolis and get to where the searchteam was about noon. We went way north then headed west and came into the north side of Kokomo. I decided on the west leg that we needed to go see another friend that had been hurt in a freak accident. That meant we needed to go south thru Kokomo and then west again. As luck would have it, he wasn’t home. It was still before noon, chances were, he was still at church.

Off we went again and we got to the west side a little after noon. Ate a quick lunch and then went to meet the team. SB and I hid in the woods for about 2 hours. WOW!! I haven’t spent that much time in the woods in months. It was GREAT!!!

Snap... crack... sound of wind or something falling through it. Then CRASH!!!
About 50 yards from where I was sitting the wind blew the top 8’ to 10’ out of a dead tree. That was the most exciting part of the ‘sit’, no squirrels, deer.... nothing. Lots of ducks flying over but nothing down on the ground.

I took some pictures with my phone of the terra ferma and trees. Offered a neat perspective because of the super wide lens but not the best quality.

After we left there we stopped in to see Jeff Bowman. Man is he progressing, seems like he will be going home in a couple weeks. His family is so excited about that prospect. I could see in his eyes, he recognized me (I think... maybe just wishful thinking) but he just couldn’t come up with the name. He did read DNR off of my vest though.

We stayed about 30 minutes then headed east through town on I-70. I’d guess it was about 6 pm. A little dark and traffic was light, for town. We came back up to Fishers and stopped at an A&W. Discussions from earlier in the day had me hankering for chili and cheese fries and chili and cheese hotdogs like they make back in the Berg. A&W was ok but it defiantly is no New Brighton Hot Dog Shop. (If you are ever in New Brighton, Beaver, Beaver Falls in south western PA, you have to stop in. MMMmmmm mmmmm good stuff!!!)

Made it home about 7pm. Wet and tired. 230 miles, 11 hours. Saw an old friend. Helped out a SAR team.

It was a good weekend.

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