Monday, January 07, 2008

Zen Summary IX

Our life is a faint tracing on the surface of mystery. - Anne Dillard

A man is on the highway, yet he has not left his home. Another man, who has left his home, is not on the highway. Which of these two should be respected? - Zen koan

Shake off this sadness, and recover your spirit; sluggish you will never see the wheel of fate that brushes your heel as it turns going by, the man who wants to live is the man in whom life is abundant. - Miguel de Unamuno

Do not seek to find out what to do. Every what to do is only a general recipe, that is, an abstraction. You will never come back into the truth of your own being riding on the back of an abstraction. If you know what to do, [you can] be sure it is the wrong thing. - Bernard Phillips

The hand that guides the brush has already caught and executed what floated before the mind at the same moment the mind began to form it, and in the end the pupil no longer knows which of the two - mind or hand - was responsible for the work - Eugen Herrigel

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