Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Meme, Again....

A meme!! I haven’t had to do one of these in a few months.

Let’s see... BetMe over at DisIsMyPlace tagged me.

The rules are:
* link to the person who tagged you (see above)
* post the rules on your blog (ummm... you're reading them)
* share six non-important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself (done, see below)
* tag at least 3 people at the end of the post and link to their blogs (done, see belower)
* let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog (working on it, sheesh)

My 6 Things

1 - I can’t stand to see that bottom of a stream or river over about 6 feet deep. I’m ok walking in, but from a boat... ugghhh, just wierds me out!!

2 - When I was 6 (maybe) my grandma made a pillow for me out of wash-cloths stuffed with old nylons. I still have one, it is my 4th. I made my wife learn how to make them and replace it every 5-6 years. I have to have it to sleep. I took it on a trip once and left it at the hotel. I made them ship it back to me postage due.

3 - I can’t stand riding my scoot with a windshield. Granted, the other day when it was 6, I was glad to have it but anything over 30... I’d rather get hit in the face with a big bug than have to ride with a windshield.

4 - I like mixing my foods. Especially breakfast. Grits, over-easy eggs, hash-browns, gravy... the more the merrier.

5 - I grow a beard every winter, have since I was 16. First snow (we’re talking inches, not dusting) or Thanksgiving, whichever comes first, I stop shaving. Then in the spring as soon as I have to be out cutting the grass or digging in the garden... that night it comes off.

6 - I like the cold. I sleep in a room that is about 45 degrees... and have a fan blowing on me. I often have the window open. Like the last trip to Kansas (see below) my 14th story room sliding glass door was about a foot open every night.

The more of this I did the more I thought this sounded familiar. Sure enough, this was actually my first meme 17JAN07. Almost exactly one year ago. Guess I have 12 quirky-weird things about me since I did not repeat any of them from last year.

Without further adue, I tag

K @ Ksquest
Nancy @ Nancy’s Garden Spot
SpeedBump @ Through A Patriots Eye


betme said...

1) Move to SE Texas and you will not be able to see what how deep the water is... it all looks like mud.
2)Will she make me one?
3)Does your wife ride with you?
4)Me too!
5)How long does it get?
6)Me too with the fan, but I don't like when the room drops below 60.

k said...

DNR, I thank you. But I'm one of those bloggers who are just no good to tag. I throw myself on the mercy of the court! Please forgive me.

I think it's partly because of my unreliable responsiveness - I tend to go up and down a lot with my screwy health. Then, suddenly, a week or two has gone by and I can't even remember which emails and comments and memes I was thinking about at the beginning.

I do like them, though, and I love to read other people's. So maybe I'm really just being a greedy lazyass after all. I get all the fun and none of the responsibility this way.

Cool huh? :-D

And that thing about COLD?!?


I do NOT do cold! Eeeekkk!

LL said...

The beard thing..the guys around here do it too, and it makes me nuts. LOL Hair, no hair, hair, no hair.

And the water're weird. *grin*