Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog Back-Up

Does any one but me think about backing up their Blog? It seems any post I write these days doesn’t show up on my blog for some time and I am reading that a bunch of you are experiencing the same trouble. Blogs disappearing, post hiding then coming back. WTF

The last couple posts had me flipping back through the page of my blog and re-reading so of that shit. Some post are good, some... well, it’s a wonder you understand what I’m typing sometimes.

All of that got me thinking, what if Bloger has a major melt down?? They don’t promise to keep anything and loosing it is not their fault, right? How can I back-up my blog??

A year or so ago I friend showed me an application called wget. It goes to a webpage and copies everything... kinda cool for looking into the bowels of a competitors web site. Anyway, I tried it on my blog and wha-la. It worked!! I now have a complete backup copy of every post and comment on my C drive.


The 'How to...’ thing on Bloger sounds way like too much work. Hope this works for you!!


Queen of Dysfunction said...

That sounds KICK ASS! I am so going to check out that site.

DNR said...

It is a cinch to install and woks like a charm.

Dirk_Star said...

I've got almost every word backed up on C.D.Rom along with all the images I've used too.