Monday, August 06, 2007

Gawd Damned Microsoft

OK, I’m just a user, some say a power user. I have my software, I expect it to work. It worked last week, now this week it doesn’t... WTF!!??!!

I know enough bout networks, IP and Active Directory to be dangerous. But software, I can make it sing. My most joy comes from asking our crack IT staff a question about how to do something and they have to go research it for days.

Any of you computer hardware geeks out there, tell me if I’m expecting too much. I have a 3.3Mghz HP with 1Gb of RAM and I am typically running:

Word - 2-4 documents
Excel - 2-4 sheets
Outlook - calendar and as many as 10 messages open at once.
Adobe Pro PDF Editor - 3-6 documents
BaaN - our MRP software, usually 4 screens
IE - 3-4 sessions
AutoCAD 2006 - 2 - 4 small (100kb to 250kb) drawings
AGI32 - Light Rendering software usually just one

Is this too much? Should I cut back? Like I said, it was ok last week... probably auto loaded a ‘patch’ that fucked things up!!!

Fuck’n Microsoft!!


GeorgeH said...

Even with 4 gigs I'd expect a lot of thrashing with that much stuff loaded.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I think I could solve your problem if I drank more before reading the actual issue.

Ok. Never mind. It still doesn't make sense to me. ;)

Dazd said...

Holy Jeebus Batman!!!

With all that open you better put a fire extinguisher next to your comp.

DNR said...

georgeh - so what are you saying...?

Queen - nice, we need to party some day, m'k?

dazd - you mean you don't run a bunch of stuff at once??

og said...

It's Autocad. Autocad is a fucking virus. The developers of Autocad and all autodesk products should be flayed alive in public while high pressure streams of boiling hot pus are directed at their genitalia.

Go get Solidworks dwg editor. Works like Autocad, and doesn't suck resources like crazy.

otherwise, it would bog any machine to do that much crap at once.