Monday, August 20, 2007

Loop For Life - Ride Report

A little over 3,000 motorcycles and about $102,000!! It was a great time. We got spit on by some big black clouds, nothing major.

It was a blast!! Riding with so many bikes is always cool. We went a little slow for my taste but hey, can’t have 3,000 bikes going 80 mph around Indianapolis, can they? LOL!

DC and I bought a sign from one of the vendors, Looks like a “No Parking” sign and is real heavy steel (18ga for you hands on types). Real nice for a novelty, it says “You think SHIT happens? <-----> Park Here”.

We left The Loop after eating and went up to Russ’ (if you click here, give it a minute to load, there is a cool song that will play once everything loads) wedding party. He (Russ) and Lisa got married Saturday morning. The sign was a wedding present!! They loved it and stuck it on the wall in his barn.

The red, white and blue bike is a ‘Boss Hoss’. This one has a 502 (yes, five hundred and two) cubic inch big block V-8 in it. AND nitrous injection (see the cans near the back shocks?).



og said...

Damn, I wish I coulda been there.

Jan said...

Wow! What more could you ask for, all in one day?

Linda said...

Damn, I missed another ride. My little bro went in my place due to my neck issues. He had a great time with you guys. He is now a PGR member. I will be back in the saddle soon, hopefully.