Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gorilla Story

A local home owner calls animal control complaining he has a gorilla on his roof. “The gorilla is jumping all around, making all kinds of noises and scaring the children. Send someone out here before he hurts someone”, he pleads.

Animal control sends their gorilla expert out, a very old guy that looks like his better days are long past. He gets out of the truck and shuffles up to the house with a bat, a shotgun and a dog. The old guy asks the home owner “would you mind helping me out with your gorilla?”

The home owner says “Sure, It’s not my gorilla but what do you want me to do?”

“Well,” says the old timer, “I’m going up on the roof with this bat and try to scare the gorilla down here. When that happens, the dog is trained to bite his balls and hold him until we can get him caged.”

The old timer hands the shot gun to the home owner. The home owner, now rather confused, asks, “What do you want me to do with this shot gun?”

The old timer says, “If I fall of the roof first, shoot the dog.”


Jan said...

Hmmm...glad that Animal Control officer we called about our raccoon, didn't come, after all! LOL

Jay said...

Poor dog.
Just doing his job.

DNR said...

Jan - Yeah, good thing.

Jay - LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Nice. Hey, where can I find that dog? I have a couple people out here that he would come in useful with.