Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saturday - Side Bar

I had the distinct honor to stand with Jerry’s wife, Carol, Saturday. As hard as it was, it was great to see her. (Good-by Jerry, Today is Jerry’s funeral)

As I walked by heading inside the church, I saw here standing there off to the side, not going in. I know these missions are hard for her. I believe Jerry thought of us as family. She comes because he would have and she loves this family too. In my innocence, I asked her if she was going in. She said she would, with me. Needless to say, when Shawn’s wife spoke, saying what she said, it hit a cord with her. We bawled like babies.

Carol has made a promise, she is getting her motorcycle license and will be riding with us... on Jerry’s trike (click on the links, there are pics back there). She told me, “I’ve sat on it, in ‘his’ seat...” (good God, I’m such a fluff ball, I’m tearing up writing this). She had to stop and wipe away more tears. “That’s not where I belong”, she said. But he would be so proud of you, I thought... I should have said it. Don’t worry, I will next time.


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God bless you brother!

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